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See Yourself Through Gods Eyes
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ISBN 0819871273
Author Curley, FSP, Marie Paul
Publisher Pauline Books & Media
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Do you desire to be released from the feeling that you're not good enough?

About this Book:

"This little book grew out of my own struggles to accept God's love for me and develop a positive self-esteem. Discovering God's love has taken me on an amazing journeyfrom self-hate to a positive self-acceptance. I wish I'd had a resource like this at the beginning of my journey, something that could have helped me cling to the seemingly impossible reality of God's love for me."
-From the Introduction

This amazing book will take you on a journey not only of self-discovery but of inner healing through the experience of how much you are cherished by God. These 52 meditations are short enough for daily prayer but profound enough to break open your heart to the grace that saves and rebuilds what has been broken. Indeed you will learn to see yourself through God's eyes!

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for use in women's prayer groups and gatherings.
  • Includes an index.
  • Contains an appendix of helpful resources.

About the author:

As a Daughter of St. Paul, Marie Paul Curley finds inspiration and joy in daily Eucharistic adoration and in the Pauline mission of communicating Christ through the media. A former video producer, Sister Marie Paul writes books and screenplays, and assists young women to discern the call of God in their lives. She has a B.A. in communication from Emmanuel College, Boston.

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"Many people struggle with serious problems with self-hate and self-rejection.Often these are genuinely deeply religious people who have turned to God and Christ because they did not where else to go. Sister Marie Paul has taken on this challenge of self-hate which troubles so many people. Her own well-thought and clear understanding can lead many to a relationship with Christ. She gives a meaningful answer to this question that troubles so many people."
-Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR, Author of A Virtue-Driven Life

"Drawing from her deeply profound struggle to move to a sense of God's unconditional love, Marie Paul Curley throws lifelines of purpose, meaning and hope to others. The combination of evocative stories-her own and others, relevant scripture, spirit-touching mediations, and daily mantras make this a unique and useful book."
-Suzanne Mayer, IHM, Professor of Pastoral Studies, Neumann University, Aston, PA

"Sr. Marie Paul Curley has a gift for communicating the simple yet profound truth that we are loved. I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from reading it."
-Robert Furey, Ph.D, Author of The Art of Affirmation

Product Details:

Binding: Paperback
Category: Personal Growth/Healing & Coping
Trim size: 5" x 7 1/4"
Pages: 192

Keywords:self-esteem - selfesteem - self esteem - depression - selfhate - self hate

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See Yourself Through Gods Eyes

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