Wisdom for Living the Final Season
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Author Kalina, Kathy
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How to go about the business of completing our life

A fear of death is a common concern among all of us. In fact, it could even be considered an emotional thread that ties the human race together. Even those who have a strong faith in God's limitless mercy and love often fear death and the process of dying.

In this book, hospice nurse Kathy Kalina addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges experienced by those who live in the shadow of a terminal illness. From her many years of experience, the author offers straightforward and encouraging guidance to:

  • Find hope, comfort, and meaning in the final season of life
  • Choose your own attitude
  • Find peace by letting go of the things weighing you down
  • Prioritize how to spend your energy
  • Grow in faith and love
  • Know what to expect as death approaches

Features & Benefits:

  • A remarkably hopeful step-by-step guide to the process of dying
  • Uses Scripture to offer strength and consolation
  • Includes reassuring prayers for grace and mercy

About the Author:

Kathy Kalina completed her ADN at Tarrant County Junior College, Fort Worth, Texas, in 1978, and her BSN at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1987. She is a certified hospice and palliative nurse (CHPN) in Fort Worth, Texas. Kalina is the author of the best-selling book Midwife for Souls: Spiritual Care for the Dying (Pauline Books & Media, 1993, 2007).

What are people saying about this title?

Praise for Midwife for Souls: "Kalina's deep understanding of what human beings go through as their lives come to an end makes the book useful to everyone, regardless of religious preference."
- Josefina B. Magno, MD
Former President, International Hospice Institute

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Binding: Paperback
Category: Spirituality / Healing & Coping
Trim size: 5 x 7 ΒΌ inches
Pages: 112

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Wisdom for Living the Final Season

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