Angels: Help from on High
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Author Trouvé, FSP, Marianne Lorraine
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Are there angels among us? Our faith lifts the veil and lets us peek in on the angels-at least a little.

About this book:

Let the prayers and stories of real people who have had help from the angels open your heart to the care they can provide for you.

Angels have gotten some bad press. Artists often depict them as chubby babies with wings, flying lazily around clouds dotting a blue sky. But who would ever turn to such creatures for protection or help? Wouldn't that be like asking a two-year-old to balance your checkbook or change a flat tire? We can't see angels, and perhaps this is why artists often come up with the chubby babies. According to Scripture, angels are mighty beings. Anyone who can snap the seven thunders to attention gets our respect. And God has given the angels to us as our helpers, protectors, and friends. They're on our side. They'll help us in all the difficulties that may creep into our lives. Their main job is to help us spiritually, but they also help us in all of life's problems. When the heat of temptation starts to burn, the angels come to our aid. When our relationships spin out of control like a jackknifed eighteen-wheeler, the angels come to our aid. When we have to mark another week of unemployment on the calendar, the angels come to our aid. No matter what upheavals we face, we can count on the angels.

Drawing from the official teaching of the Church, popular devotion, and the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas, this book provides information about the angels. It also contains stories of encountering the angels, and a collection of prayers for their intercession.

Features & Benefits:

  • An approachable and intriguing exploration of the angels.
  • Based on factual information.
  • Includes stories, devotions, and prayers.

Keywords:Catholic - angel - St. Michael - St. Gabriel - St. Raphael - guardian angel - archangel - choirs - angel devotions - angel stories - angel prayers - angelic

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Angels: Help from on High

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