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A Single Bead

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An intriguing story for teen girls about trauma, loss, the power of the rosary, and finding faith again

About this Book:

On the anniversary of the plane crash that took the life of her beloved grandmother and threw her own mother into a deep depression, 16-year-old Katelyn Marie Roberts discovers a single bead from her grandmother's rosary-a rosary lost in the crash. A chance encounter with a stranger, who tells Katelyn that a similar bead saved her friend's life, launches Katelyn and her family on a quest to find the other missing beads. Their mysterious journey, filled with glimmers of hope, mystical encounters and unexplained graces takes them further into the unknown. Katelyn turns to the Rosary for answers and soon finds that family, prayer and the help of others may be the key to restoring what was lost.

Features & Benefits:

  • Demonstrates the power of the Rosary as prayer
  • Reinforces the importance of family
  • Addresses mental health issues (depression, grief, trauma)
  • Shows different levels of faith and growth
  • Discussion questions for group and individual reflection


"I keep walking toward the trees, and it's almost like I'm being drawn by some kind of invisible force. Stooping down to push the flowers aside, I discover a small, silver bead, and my heart flutters. I have to hold it, touch it-feel the ridges of the letters imprinted on three sides, and run my nail along the cross on the fourth.

"Everything I am zones into that tiny, little bead. . . . It's just a little fragment of a piece of jewelry, right? But it's not. It's a bead from Grandma's rosary. And not just any bead. My bead."

About the Author:

Stephanie Engelman is a wife and mother of five whose degree in psychology only partially prepared her for the insanity of a small house filled with a big family. She is a convert to Catholicism and feels led to share her love for Christ and his Church with others through the gifts and talents God has given her. However, she never imagined she'd write fiction until inspiration hit in the form of a social media message from a complete stranger. What started as a wry prayer turned into Stephanie's first novel. She hopes it will lead many to a deeper connection with God, their faith, and the Blessed Mother. You can follow Stephanie at: facebook.com/s.engelman.author.

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"?a mysterious journey filled with glimmers of hope, mystical events and unexplained graces?absorbing, deftly crafted and wonderfully entertaining ? Very highly recommended for both high school and community library YA Fiction collections."
-Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review Editor

"A truly good book brings you through a place of pain, shows you bits of beauty, and leaves you with a deep sense of hope. This book does that?this is the book that I wanted to read when I was a teenager."
-Michele, My Domestic Monastery blog

"I'm not Catholic? A Single Bead ?[shows]?the power of prayer."
- Jenilee Hagen, book review blog

"proves that a story doesn't have to be edgy to be compelling."
- Barb Szyszkiewicz, OFS, CatholicMom.com

"surprisingly engaging?very thought provoking. Even though it was a work of fiction it definitely challenged my thinking on the power of praying the rosary."
- Ruth Anne Holloway, Holloway Family North blog

"young teens who struggle with believing in prayer and maybe even believing in God's ability to work in their lives will enjoy this book."
- A.J. Cattapan, author of Angelhood Product Details:

Binding: Paperback
Trim size: 5½ X 8¼
Pages: 208

Keywords: SR16 -

MARNIE says...
Im on page 5 of 208 of A Single Bead: I cried while reading because I just remember my granny, too! Praying the Rosary helps many people including me! The first few pages moved me already! Ave Maria! Thank you Cathy G. Knipper, Pauline Books & Media provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Amber F. says...
I really enjoyed reading A Single Bead! It is a great novel for youth in middle school and high school. It drew me in immediately, and I couldnt put it down. The characters are realistic, and the thoughts and struggles of the protagonist are relevant to teens. The book addresses issues pertaining to death, mourning, questions of faith, depression, family and friend conflicts and resolution, and communication. The reader journeys with the main character as she experiences incredible miracles and grows in her own faith and human maturity. It was a quick paced, captivating, and moving story. It made me want to go spend time with Mama Mary!

Emily D. says...
If I could give ten stars, I would. A Single Bead, by Stephanie Engleman, is indeed a very powerful book. Written with teen girls in mind, I feel it is appropriate for the whole family, age 6th grade and up. The story is about losing hope and faith, and finding a way back to the Church through a series of miraculous events. The death of a parent or grandparent is devastating, to say the least. Kate, the leading character in the book, finds herself the target of her mother’s anger and depression since a plane crash took her grandmother’s life a year earlier. While Kate is at the Memorial marking the First Anniversary of her grandmother’s death, she feels the need to walk away from her family and, in her own words, “I keep walking toward the trees, and its almost like Im being drawn by some kind of invisible force. Stooping down to push the flowers aside, I discover a small, silver bead, and my heart flutters. I have to hold it, touch it-feel the ridges of the letters imprinted on three sides, and run my nail along the cross on the fourth. Everything I am zones into that tiny, little bead. . . . Its just a little fragment of a piece of jewelry, right? But its not. Its a bead from Grandmas rosary. And not just any bead. My bead.” Through a series of miraculous events, Kate talks to and meets other people who find her grandmother’s beads. Through their stories, which are true miracles, not only Kate, but her father (a non-Catholic) are growing closer to God. One of my favorite devotions is praying the Rosary and I am thrilled that the power of the Rosary is woven into this story. Kate realizes how blessed she is to have a faith-filled family, and turns to the Rosary to calm and focus herself on the tasks ahead. I think what appealed to me most was the honesty in the story. My mother suffered from mental illnesses and much of what this character feels, I have felt. Honesty may seem like an odd word here, but it is so important to me that the book acknowledges that people fall away from the Church and that they come back.... that we question our faith, and get great answers from the history and Tradition of Catholicsm… that people with mental illness can get help, and so can the people their illness affects…. That prayer REALLY comforts, inspires, and heals. In short, PRAYER WORKS! Additionally, I can not tell you what it meant to me when I came into the Catholic Church and acknowledged our Blessed Mother Mary as MY Mother. I did not feel the loss I had for decades, and it was freeing. This book touched my heart, and lifted me up. For that I am so grateful. Bravo to Mrs. Engleman. She is clearly a fantastic story-teller and I can not wait to read more of her books. As always, thank you Cathy @ Pauline Books & Media, for sending me this book so that I could write a review. I can tell you all, I have not met a Pauline Book that I did not love. Im so blessed.

James Midgley says...
The idea behind A Single Bead is inspirational and rather ingenious, in terms of building a Catholic story. I love miracle stories, and this one is very well done. The grandmothers rosary serves as a vehicle for the dramatic presentation of fundamental Catholic values, such as the efficacy of prayer, the reality of miracles, the value of devotion, commitment to family, perseverance in the face of difficulty. The characters are convincing and the clever plot tugs at your interest all the way through.

Fr. John Hollowell says...
Stephanies book is "must read" material both for young women and those who are seeking to accompany young women on their journey to Christ. VERY well done!

Beth Leonard says...
Wonderful book and inspirational story. Stephanie weaves just the right amount of darkness into her story to make it very real but always returns with a wave of light and hope. She is a great storyteller and creates for her readers both a friend and a mentor with her characters. You are giving more than a book to a girl when you choose Stephanies "A Single Bead." Great work!
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