Christ Our Morning Star
Christ Our Morning Star

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Lawler, Magdalen 

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About this Book:

The Church's ancient hymn of Easter praise addresses Christ as the Morning Star-an image that heralds the hope of a new day. Sr Magdalen Lawler has presented a moving reflection on the Scriptural and artistic depth within 16 of Sieger Köder's paintings. This book offers a wealth of scriptural and artistic insight into the work of a contemporary iconic painter.

When the Church's ancient hymn of Easter praise addresses Christ as the Morning Star, it refers to a natural phenomenon that occurs when the planet Venus appears in the east before sunrise. Sometimes it seems to be the sun as it rises in the sky. This image of the morning star brings hope of a new day and a new dawn. The morning star sheds a peaceful and gentle light which heralds the sun's rays.

In this image we see Christ, himself, First-born of the Father, who brings his peace and hope to our darkened world. He shelters us from the rays of the sun and introduces us to the light in a gentle and tender manner through his simple birth of a mother chosen from our midst.

Sieger Koder, priest and painter, has offered us many beautiful images to show us that Christ is at the centre of our lives and that in his light we have no need to fear. We may approach God as God's very children; co-heirs with Christ himself (Rm 8:17) .

This book opens with one of Sieger Koder's most beautiful images of creation. We see Christ as the fullness of God's creation and we accompany him on his journey into our world, to live as we do. By his death and resurrection he acts as a model and Savior for us all. The passion of our planet is the passion of Christ himself 'and in his rising our hope of resurrection dawns' (Easter liturgy) .

Sieger Koder uses images of Scriptures and daily life to show that we can find God in everything - if only we have eyes to see. We feel privileged to offer you this rich reflection on Fr Koder's paintings in an accessible format and we hope it will be a valuable resource for you as the Spirit continues to open your understanding of the Scriptures in the gentle radiance of Christ our Morning Star.

About the Author:

Magdalen Lawler is a Sister of Notre Dame. After many years of work in secondary and tertiary education, Magdalen trained at St Beuno's in 1980 and was part of the retreat team at Loyola Hall, Merseyside, from 1980-1983. Since then she has worked in retreats and spiritual direction in tandem with student chaplaincy at Liverpool Hope University and at Heythrop College, University of London. Now retired, Magdalen offers retreats throughout the UK. She has a special interest in women's spirituality and in the relationship between spirituality and the visual arts. She is the author of Encountering Christ, Conversations with Women in John's Gospel, Contemplating Christmas as well as Pathways to God's Goodness; the spirituality of St Julie Billiart.

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"This is a stunning piece of work. The extraordinary colors of the palate of Fr. Sieger Koder as he contemplates the mysteries of Scripture are brilliantly enhanced by the sensitive text of Sr Magdalen Lawler. In a world that is starting to rediscover how much it stands in need of God, this work will be just the thing for those who are looking for the mystery that lies at the heart of life and at the heart of humanity. The poems of Fr Tom McGuinness make an excellent counterpoint and are subtly displayed. This book should be attentively read, and its pages contemplated in rapt silence."
-Nicholas King SJ, author and New Testament scholar

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Binding: Paperback
Pages: 84

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