Elizabeth Ann Seton (MOBI)
Elizabeth Ann Seton (MOBI)

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Merwin, Anne 

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All through her life, Elizabeth Ann Seton fought for what she believed in, trusted in God, and turned dreams into reality. She was a true daughter of the American Revolution. . . .

About this Book:

Born barely nine months after the Boston Tea Party, Elizabeth grew up in New York City during the very beginning of America's independence. A staunch Protestant, she held and fully enjoyed a position among the elite of society until her life took a different path - one that would bring her to God and continue to affect lives over two hundred years after her death.

Let author Anne Merwin, former president of the Mother Seton House in Baltimore, guide you through the life of this young socialite who becomes the pioneer of the Catholic school system in the United States and the foundress of the Sisters of Charity. Elizabeth had the kind of fortitude and perseverance that fueled the American Revolution. When she discovered God's call, she followed it, undergoing a compelling conversion, and a life of many trials. Her choices and actions are a true testament to her strong faith.

Discover the secret of Elizabeth's holiness - a courageous determination to allow God to guide her, no matter where he might lead.

Features & Benefits:

  • Includes reflection questions
  • Contains a chronology of important dates
  • Features her story with a personal connection
  • Ends with a prayer to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

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About the Author:

Anne Merwin has a B.A. in History and Music from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She has worked in public radio, classical music management and time management. However, when she converted to Catholicism and was introduced to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Anne found her vocation. As a past President of the Mother Seton House in Baltimore and now as an Associate of the Sisters of Charity of New York, Anne enjoys each opportunity to share the legacy of the Sisters' foundress, Elizabeth Ann Seton. She looks to Elizabeth Ann Seton for guidance and inspiration in her daily life as a wife, mother and grandmother.

Product Details:

Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Binding: MOBI
Pages: 144

Keywords: the Filicchis, Elizabeth Bayley Seton, Mother Seton Shrine, Daughters of Charity, Mother Seton, Catholic schools, Halifax, Archdiocese of Baltimore

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