Facing Illness, Finding Peace
Facing Illness, Finding Peace

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Groves, Nancy 

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About this Book:

The diagnosis of a serious or chronic illness is a life-altering experience for oneself as well as for that of loved ones. Facing Illness, Finding Peace gently guides the reader through the emotional responses to illness to the attainment of inner peace, all within the context of God's abiding presence and love.

Features & Benefits:

Ideal for:

  • People with serious illnesses
  • Family members/ friends/ caregivers of those struggling with serious illness
  • Hospital chaplains
  • Hospital parish nurses
  • Parish nurses
  • Pastoral counselors

About the Author:

Nancy Groves, MSW, CSW, is a medical social worker with over twenty years of experience as an educator and counselor. She has presented many seminars in hospital, university, and church settings on the emotional impact of serious illness and has served on the Michigan Department of Public Health AIDS Advisory Board.

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"Give this book to anyone who is facing serious or chronic illness. It uses Scripture and prayers that are soothing and comforting to the soul. What a gift!"
Patti Moore, RN, BSN

"Nancy Groves has given a voice to the shifting emotions one feels when diagnosed with a chronic illness. Providing reflections and prayers for many stages of emotion, this is a valuable guide to finding the comfort of God's loving embrace in difficult times."
Matthew Ellis, Executive Director, National Episcopal Health Ministries

"In the face of illness, which every person will either experience or be impacted by, there is an invitation to grow in grace and perspective. This book opens the inner door of dialogue to think, feel, and pray through suffering, to discover God's healing love."
Rev. Philip McGaugh, Pastor, St. Bartholomew, Needham, MA, and former Catholic Chaplain, Massachusetts General Hospital

"A literary compass of compassion is truly an accurate description of Facing Illness, Finding Peace, by Nancy Groves. With a superb succinctness, Ms. Groves provides a soothing guide to anyone who confronts illness whether directly or indirectly. Her clever method of presenting prayer (feelings) and reflections (resultant questions) is wonderful and I feel only a creative base and catalyst to numerous others that the reader will formulate. Simply put, this compact and concise book is an invaluable and timeless reference source. Brava Ms. Groves!"
W. Jordan (Chicago, IL), Amazon.com customer review

"The author exquisitely expresses the psycho-social and spiritual conflicts that the seriously ill person struggles with on a daily basis. The author also guides the ill person toward spiritual serenity and emotional peace. The excellent heartfelt expression of the human psyche under the duress of these life circumstances is written both simply and poetically. Facing Illness, Finding Peace offers spiritual strength and healing of a very unique type. I recommend this book to anyone who desires insight to such struggles whether it be a loved one or friend."
D. Pongracz, Amazon.com customer review

"Facing Illness, Finding Peace is a wonderful gift from Nancy Groves for all of us who face illness in our lives. With insightful prose, Nancy puts into words what we often feel but may not be able to express. She encourages us to find our way through our pain and difficulties with gentle questions and prayers. Nancy's insights help us deal with our shock, anxieties, anger, depression, guilt, and shame - all those emotions that appear with illness and threaten our well-being. And she does all this with a message of hope and the promise of God's unending love. This book is truly a work of love."
A. Wenger, Amazon.com customer review

Product Details:

Binding: Paperback
Category: Healing & Coping/Spirituality
Trim size: 5 1/2" x 6"
Pages: 144

Keywords:terminal illness - nurse - hospice - prayerbook - prayer book - sickness - cancer - death

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