Facing Infertility: A Catholic Approach
Facing Infertility: A Catholic Approach

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Dimech-Juchniewicz, Jean 

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More than 1 out of 10 couples experience infertility, finding themselves in a "desert"-lost and abandoned, hungering and thirsting, praying and waiting-for a child.

About this Book:

Navigating through the "desert" of infertility is an especially painful experience. It can lead to a sense of failure and a feeling of hopelessness. Couples may feel that they have nowhere to turn-especially Catholic couples who feel that there are not sufficient infertility resources to help them.

Author Jean Dimech-Juchniewicz understood this predicament perfectly. As a Catholic woman who personally struggled with infertility and who heard a woman's prayer group discussion on the lack of such resources, she was inspired to write Facing Infertility: A Catholic Approach.

This spiritual companion and resource offers the direction, nourishment, and faith to find the way out of the "desert." Infertile Catholic couples, family members, friends, family life offices, and support groups will find this book to be both informative and comforting.

Drawing upon her personal struggles with infertility as well those of other Catholic women, Dimech-Juchniewicz evokes a heartfelt, tangible honesty. While she operates from a highly supportive standpoint, she is also realistic and practical in acknowledging that some couples will never deliver a child of their own into this world. Yet, an overriding sense of comfort and hope prevails, affirming that the "Divine Physician" has a plan for each of us-a plan which may involve "bear[ing] fruit in the desert" in a way other than childbearing.

Blending Catholic teaching with the best that medical science has to offer, this book offers a path to healing in a sensitive and gradual manner. Dimech-Juchniewicz is deeply grounded in Catholicism, and explains the morality or immorality of various infertility treatment options in context of the Church's teachings. You will discover that help is available from doctors who share your Catholic faith and are at the cutting edge of infertility treatments with effectiveness that rivals IVF. You will learn about Natural Procreative Technology (NaProTECHNOLOGY), the natural method for treating infertility. This exciting, new approach seeks to identify the underlying causes of infertility through monitoring menstrual and fertility cycles to determine safe and effective remedies. Fully in accord with Church teaching, it has success rates up to 70%!

In addition to the religious, Dimech-Juchniewicz considers the emotional, psychological, medical, biological, cultural, and financial aspects to dealing with infertility, offering a comprehensive overview. Each chapter contains a Scripture passage, a reflection from a Catholic woman who has been struggling with infertility, commentary, discussion questions, tips for friends and family, and a prayer from the Book of Psalms.

Features & Benefits:

  • Author personally struggled with infertility
  • Includes discussion questions to facilitate spousal communication
  • Provides tips for family members and friends
  • Contains prayers from the Book of Psalms
  • Offers appendices for relevant prayers and stories of Biblical infertility
  • Lists supplemental print and digital coping resources

About the Author:

Jean Dimech-Juchniewicz has served as a lay ecclesial minister in the Catholic Church since 2001. After studying at St. John's Seminary and Boston College, she earned an M.A. in Pastoral Ministry from the latter institution. Firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition, she has lectured on matters of theology, liturgy, morality, and spirituality. She currently works as an educational consultant, facilitates a parish-based support group for Catholics struggling with infertility, and is blessed to be a stay-at-home mom to her three little miracles.

What Are people Saying about this Title?

"The desolation of infertility leaves many Catholic couples feeling alone and misunderstood. Jean weaves psalms, testimonials, and faithful reflections in this much needed book to guide and console those touched by infertility. This book will be a catalyst for hope and healing for many as they discern God's will for their families."
Jean Golden-Tevald, DO, CFCMC, FCP, family physician, past President of the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals

"Facing Infertility: A Catholic Approach is a must-read for all who are suffering or know someone who is suffering from infertility. Dimech-Juchniewicz's approach to infertility, a mostly misunderstood condition, is simultaneously deeply compassionate and incredibly informative. She gives the Catholic reader the spiritual, moral, emotional, and medical tools to navigate through the uncertain and scary waters of infertility. I wish it was published when I was first diagnosed with infertility ten years ago."
Katie Elrod, educator, co-author of "The Church's Best Kept Secret: Church Teaching on Infertility Treatment" in Women, Sex, and the Church: A Case for Catholic Teaching (Pauline Books & Media)

"The moment I began reading Facing Infertility I felt that I was stepping into my life. The chapters were easy to read and incredibly insightful, providing hope and reminding the reader that they are not alone on this journey. There was also an invaluable section at the end of each chapter to help family and friends better support a struggling couple. I would highly recommend this book to any couple struggling with infertility. It will remind you that God is with you, you are not alone, and there is great hope for all of us if we but trust in him!"
Lottie Hilgefort, owner and webmaster of www.catholicinfertility.org

"I have often felt that the emotions of this unique cross were neglected by my Church. Moral guidance in the literature provided on the subject of why IVF is illicit has been abundant, but I longed for a source of spiritual guidance that seemed to be lacking. Facing Infertility finally provides the whole-person support a couple needs to persist through this journey."
Amy Sherlock, NaPro Technology sonographer (RDMS), Creighton Model FertilityCare practitioner (FCP), Washington, NJ

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"With one out of every ten couples struggling with infertility, this book is a secret that should not be kept! The author has a thorough understanding of the challenges and pain that come with infertility, having faced it herself and having worked with support groups in Catholic parishes. Facing Infertility tackles both the emotional fallout of infertility-denial, anger, sadness, etc.-as well as the difficult questions about treatment options and connected moral principles. The information about NaProTECHNOLOGY alone is worth the price of the book. The appendices containing prayers and biblical stories of infertility are a wonderful addition."
- Sr Maria Grace Dateno, FSP, author of Gospel Time Trekker series

Product Details:

Binding: paperback
Trim size: 5 ¼" X 8"
Pages: 208

Keywords: bioethics - bioethical - Fcc12 - Faba12

Fabiola says...
This book is Fantastic! It is a great resource, it explained so many things. It was extremely helpful, especially knowing I wasnt alone. I am thinking of buying copies for others who may be going through this awful experience. Love it!!!
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