He and I
He and I

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Bossis, Gabrielle 

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Enter into the intimate, interior conversations between Jesus and Gabrielle Bossis.

About this Book:

In this timeless spiritual classic, you share in the profound and touching experience of Gabrielle Bossis-a French nurse and playwright living as a single woman in the early 20th century-while she hears the inner voice of Jesus in the core of her being.

It was not until the age of 62 while traveling to Canada aboard the 'Ile de France' that Gabrielle began a dialogue with this inner voice. From that time until two weeks before her death in 1950, the voice of Jesus summoned her not only in church and during prayer, but amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. From flying on an airplane, to riding the metro during rush hour in Paris, to walking through the crowds of busy city streets, to performing on a theatrical stage, Gabrielle encountered Jesus during all of her experiences. Even when she was contemplating her innermost thoughts and feelings, Jesus was striking up a conversation with her.

Recorded in her diary from 1936 to 1950, their tender exchanges capture Gabrielle's transformative spiritual journey as her doubt evolves into confidence. But they also capture Jesus' enduring presence in our daily lives, his insistence on serving others with kindness, and his encompassing love for humanity-and show that you, too, can experience an intimacy with Christ.

Features & Benefits:

  • Original French edition has been translated into many languages and sold worldwide
  • Translator consulted with bilingual theologians to ensure translational accuracy
  • Canadian edition has sold over 40,000 copies
  • Includes a Foreword by Kathryn J. Hermes, a best-selling author of spirituality titles
  • Incorporates a brief biographical sketch of Gabrielle Bossis

About the Author:

Born and raised in France, Gabrielle Bossis (1874-1950) was a single woman and a nurse during World War I. In her later years she became a playwright and touring artist. Known by friends and acquaintances for her vivacious personality and infectious laughter, her journals revealed a rich spiritual life. The original French edition of Lui et Moi has been translated into several languages and sold worldwide.

Product Details:

Binding: paperback
Trim size: 5¼" X 8"
Pages: 336

Keywords: He and I - He & I - Gabrielle Bossis - mysticism - feminine spirituality - spiritual classics

jennifer says...
Devotional books had never interested me before. Ive always felt that Godly life is so hard to achieve and that it takes great resolve and great sacrifices to be a Godly person but this book put that idea to rest. Small sacrifices in our ordinary and mundane lives are enough if we unite everything with Him. He truly loves us. This book is definitely a keeper. After my first book, I got three more books for my family. God Bless.

I have been reading this book for several weeks now. Its a type of meditation or devotional book in that its not a book that one would read through once and set aside never to read again. There is a lot of richness in this volume. Its an interior contemplation and dialogue between the author and Our Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to learn how to pray quite naturally and not formulaically or by rote, this can be a guide for a natural interior conversation with Jesus. But, even more than that, our prayer should make our faith, our love for Jesus and our desire to be closer to Him even more fervent. This volume is almost the pinnacle of this close interpersonal relationship with Jesus with frequent references by Jesus to his Mother as well. The book is organized by years and goes along year by year and place by place as the author goes about her life and writes down her life events and her conversations with Jesus at each event. Some of their conversations are quite brief and some are much longer. I first learned about this book from Father Leo Clifford, OFM, a Franciscan. He mentions this book in one of his "Reflection" series homilies which are frequently rerun on the EWTN TV Network. Father Clifford mentions many books in his homilies and I try to take him up on his recommendations and seek out the stories and books he references in his preaching.
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