Meditations to Grow in Self-Esteem
Meditations to Grow in Self-Esteem

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Curley FSP, Marie Paul 

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Meditations to Grow in Self-Esteem

About this Book:

For most of us, finding time to pause for prayer and meditation can be difficult-but it's essential for strengthening our relationship with God. In Meditations to Grow in Self-Esteem, bestselling author Marie Paul Curley, FSP, helps readers discover how much God loves and cherishes them.

Perhaps, like many others, you have been haunted by a lack of self-esteem. Perhaps it has even occasionally completely debilitated you at important moments in life's journey. Lacking a healthy view of self can easily lead to self-hatred, self-loathing, and even self-destructive behavior. It can be hard-sometimes impossible-to love others selflessly when we don't love ourselves and know our own worth. The Bible tells us in countless ways that God loves us. Praying with and meditating on the Word of God can become your daily path for living in the light of God's love.

The Just a Minute series of small books provides meditations on scripture, advice for daily struggles, and insights from the Gospel. This set of reflections is designed to help you develop one area of your spiritual life: growing in self-esteem through the love of God who loves and cherishes you. God will lead you to be interested in certain meditations, so you can go wherever he leads you.

Each meditation takes just a few minutes to read, can be chosen at random, and is filled with encouragement and simple insights. These short meditations enable readers to connect with God's heart through scripture and listen to what he is saying to them.

About the Author:

As a Daughter of St. Paul, Marie Paul Curley finds inspiration and joy in daily Eucharistic adoration and in the Pauline mission of communicating Christ through the media. A former video producer, Sister Marie Paul writes books and screenplays, and assists young women to discern the call of God in their lives. She has a B.A. in communication from Emmanuel College, Boston.

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Binding: Paperback
Trim size: 4" x 6"
Pages: 112

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Katherine says...
These cute little pocket sized books are perfect for weaving short little moments of prayer throughout the day. Each book features 50 themed meditations, all centered around a Scripture passage, and include a reflection and a short prayer. The simple design could be flipped through and used in any order. I think they would be perfect to tuck in a purse or desk to pull out when you need a little inspiration. They also would make a great gift to pass onto to someone going through a hard time, giving them a tool to have at their fingertips to encourage prayer. Pauline Books & Media provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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