My Vocation Is Love
My Vocation Is Love

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Lafrance, Jean 

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Find your way to total trust in God with Saint Thérèse of Lisieux as your guide.

About this Book:

This spiritual biography, which emerges from the Carmelite tradition, includes rich commentary on Thérèse's reflections. Drawing upon translations of her writings and authoritative sources such as John Paul II, author Jean Lafrance offers glimpses into Thérèse's interior life of contemplation and prayer. This biography can be used as a personal companion to deepen your relationship with God, as you are guided to place unwavering trust in Him.

Ordinary actions of extraordinary love are the path to Thérèse's "little way" to God. In confessing her powerlessness, she stands before God, ready to utterly abandon herself to him and accept his graces. As a child approaches a parent, Thérèse approaches God with absolute trust.

Lafrance is particularly adept at capturing the budding of Thérèse's spiritual discoveries-from the acknowledgement and acceptance of her own powerlessness and imperfections in everyday life, to placing complete confidence in God, to God's revelation in which her inadequacy is wholly met by his merciful love. In this portrayal, you see the spiritual growth of Thérèse, called the "Little Flower," as she blossoms in God's garden-the garden of mercy and love.

Lafrance does not detach you from her story, but rather encourages you to approach Thérèse. In the Introduction, he invites those of us who suffer from a lack of confidence in God, or have incapacitated love through sin, to the "prayer of humble petition." In the Conclusion, he reminds us that we can relate to Thérèse, despite our inclination to consider her an exceptional woman impossible to emulate.

Beatified, canonized, and declared a Doctor of the Church, we can look at Saint Thérèse of Lisieux as a source of inspiration. Like Thérèse, we are limited and sometimes overcome by fear. By following her way of total trust, we too will experience God's love, and be able to cry out, "My vocation is love!"

Complete with full bibliographical references and suggestions for supplementary reading, you are invited to further explore the spiritual wisdom of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.

Features & Benefits:

  • Direct quotes drawn from Saint Thérèse's classical writings
  • Spiritual companion for placing complete trust in God
  • Written by a modern, well-respected author
  • Full bibliographical references
  • Suggestions for supplementary reading

About the Author:

Jean Lafrance (1931-1991) was ordained for the diocese of Lille, France in 1963. His active ministry included service as a parish priest, college professor, and chaplain to a community of nuns in Paris. In addition, he preached retreats and published numerous books on the power of prayer. Lafrance's writings have been translated into over seven languages.

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"Not just another book on the beloved saint from Lisieux, My Vocation is Love offers a captivating glance into the profound depth of St. Thérèse's spiritual doctrine. This refreshing, penetrating analysis shatters the all-too-common, sugary sweet stereotypes of the youngest doctor of the Church. With clarity and conviction, Jean Lafrance leads us on a journey into the heart of 'The Little Flower' that ultimately leads us to the heart of Christ himself. More than a theological treatise, this practical, accessible book gives concrete guidance and hope to those of us stumbling along the path to perfection. The insights contained within its pages cannot help but transform the lives of sincere readers, be they sinners or saints."
Gina Loehr, Author of The Four Teresas

"Lafrance has done a masterful job of elucidating the central principles of St. Thérèse's spirituality-childlike confidence in God's mercy, humility, and abandonment to God's will. His presentation of the development of Thérèse's 'Little Way' is conveyed with both clarity and insight through a judicious selection of quotes from her writings. My Vocation is Love is a book that will enlighten and enrich all who read it."
Marc Foley, OCD, Author of The Context of Holiness: Psychological and Spiritual Reflections on the Life of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

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Binding: paperback
Trim size: 5" x 7 ¼"
Pages: 208

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