Reclaim Regret (MOBI)
Reclaim Regret (MOBI)

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Hermes FSP, Kathryn J. 

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You see your failure, God sees your future.

About this Book:

Reflecting on the life you've lived so far might be an exercise wrought with guilt, frustration, disappointment, and regret. When these feelings hinder your spiritual strength and closeness to God, you might feel stuck in all areas of life. This book by bestselling author Sr. Kathryn Hermes can lead you along the path of reshaping those regrets in the context of your life story. Real-world examples, powerful meditations, and Sr. Kathryn's own experiences can transform that feeling of midlife stagnation into spiritual liberation.

This helpful guide uses narrative, sacred scripture, and prayer to explore the hopeful journey of emerging from shame and disappointment from life choices. Learn about God's four promises to you that will help you forgive yourself, encounter God's love and healing, and embrace spiritual freedom.

Features & Benefits

  • written by bestselling author Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP, who has extensive experience helping people overcome deep disappointment
  • includes stories of real people who faced and overcame debilitating regret
  • prayer moments in each chapter connect scripture, stories, and personal reflection
  • provides a concrete process of reclaiming regret for a stronger relationship with God
  • contains practical meditations to guide the spiritual healing journey

What Are People Saying about this Title?

With utter confidence in God's abiding love, Sr. Kathryn James deftly guides her readers on a healing journey, transforming regrets into life-giving possibilities.
-Mark Neilsen, writer and former editor of Living Faith: Daily Catholic Devotions

Words don't change hearts; grace does. But these words of Sr. Hermes facilitate grace in a powerful way. With great insight, she has tapped into what wounds the human heart, and she shows, as if by intimate knowledge, the ways of a Loving Father who desires to heal. Read these words, practice the exercises, and let your heart by healed.
-Dr. Gregory Bottaro, Director of the CatholicPsych Institute, and author of The Mindful Catholic: Finding God One Moment at a Time

The best of contemporary spiritual and psychological wisdom, this accessible and powerfully experiential book will heal not only you, but your relationships as well. If I had one gift to bequeath my children, it would be to reclaim regret.
-Denise DeSesa-Smith, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

A beautiful, inspirational guide with universal appeal, teaching us how to live with and accept our regrets, and then move on, feeling our burdens have been lifted . . .
-Fred Silverstone, Psychotherapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor

In Reclaim Regret, Sr. Kathryn weaves Scripture, regrets, and prayer into heart-transforming experiences, using an authentic, clear, and compassionate style of writing. My journey of repentance, transformation, and living a new life in Christ has been supported and enhanced one hundredfold.
-Mary Celine Weidenbenner, OSU, teacher at Mary Carrico Catholic School in Knottsville, Kentucky

About the Author:

Sr. Kathryn Hermes has been helping people walk the road of spiritual growth and inner healing for the past twenty years. Among her many books, she is the author of the bestselling title Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach, translated into twelve languages, and she is a spiritual mentor and director of My Sisters an online community of faith, and founder of HeartWork. She is passionate about sharing the spiritual journey with others. You can find her at

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Reclaim Regret MOBI
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