Sacred Healing: MRIs, Marigolds, and Miracles
Sacred Healing: MRIs, Marigolds, and Miracles

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Davis, Janet 

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Healing in times of pain and loss? Here's how.

About this Book:

Pain and loss are inevitable in this life. All human beings encounter this dreaded duo within their own stories, the lives of those they love, and the journeys of those with whom they work or minister. How they deal with pain and loss is the key to becoming whole and holy. Though this is a story of the experienced and healing love of God in the life of a specific woman, the author in a specific context (her young adult son s diagnosis and treatment for a brain tumor), the essential message is timeless and universal. It is about opening our souls to honest awareness of grief and pain and letting God s all-embracing love surround us.

The author offers the wisdom of professional insight, the intimacy of personal spirituality, and the heart of a hurting mother in this easy to digest format. Each of her recollections encourage readers to find comfort in Scripture and prayer, as well as in the ordinary things of life: marigolds, willow branches, relationships, synchronicities and even beer! In these simple stories, she addresses those who are too sad and overwhelmed to seek companionship with God and others, and she assures them that sacred healing is possible when they allow God s powerful love to embrace their hurting souls.

About the Author:

Janet Davis has spent many years working as hospital chaplain, lay leader in the church, and spiritual director that she refers to herself as one who gathers stories. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Bob, and currently focuses her energy on writing, speaking, spiritual direction, and maintaining a website.

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"Janet Davis has a wonderful story telling skill to weave her own story into the timeless truths of scripture and the reader's life. She doesn't share in a way that competes with the reader's own story but rather draws forth the readers story, heart, and tears. Janet is both tender and raw in her personal writing. Her truthfulness in sharing her struggles with God and others, and even asking taboo questions like, 'how do you treat someone with Cancer?' will make you laugh and nod your head and cry out to God and other humans... Help us to be more like Jesus! This work is both a workbook and a devotion. You cannot help but remember the places in your life when the grief has gotten too much to bear and you have needed to hold onto the simple things in life. And the places where God seems to distant and we need His people to show us our way back to Him. Wonderful book, wonderful companion to anyone's journey through grief and loss, or just life in general."
Max Mom,

"If I were facing a crisis, I would want Janet Davis by my side. Reading her book Sacred Healing would be the next best thing. As she shares her own story of her young adult son's diagnosis and treatment for a brain tumor, Janet writes about her experience in real time. Because she wrote the reflections in this book as she was living them, it has a uniquely authentic and truthful voice. Instead of offering platitudes and easy answers, Janet leads us to move toward our feelings, even the painful ones, in order to find healing on the other side. Through her eyes, we experience the presence of God, the comfort of friends and the solace of the ordinary in this story of grace."
Trisha L Taylor,

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Binding: Paperback
Pages: 208

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