Ten Commandments For Kissing
Ten Commandments For Kissing

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Leigh, Britt 

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I. Thou shalt ignore the pimple on my lip.

About this Book:

Enter into the life of Gloria Jean Wisnewski: a 14-year-old girl who comes up with a very specific set of rules for what thou shalt and thou shalt not do to be granted her long-awaited first kiss.

Between best friends, lip gloss, boys, homework, pimples, fashion, cliques, and gossip, Gloria Jean has a lot to keep up with as an eighth grader. Oh, and her public school has just started Sex Ed, which only complicates things even more because she is also taking her first year of Confirmation studies. STIs, STDs, TOB, the four "Fs"...what does it all even mean?

As if all of this isn't enough to deal with, Gloria Jean has "The Troubles": cringe-inducing stomach problems that ruin her very first date and cause the most embarrassing moment ever in school. These run-to-the-bathroom bouts are nothing to laugh about-especially when Gloria Jean gets diagnosed with Celiac disease and realizes her condition not only means that she must follow strict dietary rules and avoid contamination from certain products (and people!) but also that she can't receive the Body of Christ! How could this be-a Catholic who can't receive Communion? After all, God made her body. And why does the Catholic Eucharist have to be made out of wheat? What do all of these rules mean, anyway? Looks like Gloria Jean has some figuring out to do.

Themes include: faith, choices, and sex & relationships.

Features & Benefits:

  • Authored by a published short story writer who holds an MFA in Writing for Children
  • Empowers young teen girls to live their faith in today's culture
  • Affirms Catholic identity for teenage girls
  • Offers a wholesome alternative to mainstream young adult fiction
  • Informed by Theology of the Body principles
  • Incorporates humor
  • Opens up the lines of communication between parents and their children about relationships

About the Author:

A Florida girl by birth, but Bostonian at heart, Britt Leigh lives and writes down the block from either cherry blossoms or snow, depending on the season. Working in the publishing business, she feels blessed to have a job where she can pray and play with prose. Her first writing for teens appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul's Teens Talk Middle School and Teens Talk Getting into College.

Britt holds a certificate in catechesis from the Theological Institute for the New Evangelization at St. John's Seminary, a master of fine arts in writing for children from Simmons College, and two word-related degrees from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). When she's not immersed in writing, reading, talking, reviewing, or assisting books, she loves spending time with her 5 'Fs': faith, family, friends, football, and fancy. She once heard that authors are forever writing the same story over and over again. If that's true, her story is love. She blogs at brittleighbooks.com.

Product Details:

Binding: paperback
Trim size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"
Pages: 192

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