Transformed in Love - Engaged Couple Workbook
Transformed in Love - Engaged Couple Workbook

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A marriage preparation program that helps couples build a loving marriage in today's culture.

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Update for those who already have copies of the workbook: Following the release of the Order of Celebrating Matrimony, we have prepared an update for your copy of Transformed in Love. Click Here for Updated Insert


For more detailed information about the program, sample chapters from the Leader and Team Manual, Engaged Couple workbook, program overview and statistics, register to download the white paper here.

About this Book:

Transformed in Love is a ready-to-use Catholic marriage preparation program developed in the Archdiocese of Boston that prepares engaged couples for marriage through faith, sacraments, practical skills, and witness.

Learn about the Leader and Team Manual

Enjoy the benefits of using Transformed in Love in your parish TODAY:


  • Flexible teaching schedule: two, four, or six session options, or a single weekend retreat.
  • Comprehensive "teach-out-of-the-box" program with easy-to-use instructional materials: leader and team manual, engaged couple workbook, and electronic presentations.
  • Accessible online resources at sample pages of leader and team manual and engaged couple workbooks, short videos, downloadable materials, inspirational e-notes, marriage and faith resources, connection to Transformed in Love online community, and prayer support from the Daughters of St. Paul.


    This Catholic marriage preparation program was developed in the Archdiocese of Boston by over 40 highly qualified contributors including a bishop and judicial vicar, as well as priests, deacons, religious sisters, canon lawyers, theologians, psychologists, and married couples. During a three-year pilot program, Transformed in Love: Building Your Catholic Marriage was enthusiastically received by engaged couples, program leaders, and team members. Their valuable feedback has helped shape the program, making it even more user-friendly and adapted to people's needs today. Over 850 people have benefited from their participation in the Transformed in Love marriage preparation program thus far, and this number is growing!


    Engaged Couple Workbook

    is designed to be used with its companion volume, the

    The Leader and Team Manual

    . Both volumes were written with consideration of the pastoral challenges brought on by current cultural attitudes toward marriage and family life. The manual provides the materials and instructions for carrying out the program. The

    Engaged Couple Workbook

    is uniquely designed to provide a reflective-formational experience for couples participating in the

    Transformed in Love

    program. It contains activities, practice exercises and integrates Scripture quotes, thoughts on marriage from various Church documents, helpful tips as well as spiritual and marriage resources.

    Both the team manual and engaged couple workbook may be used by personnel from marriage preparation offices and ministries within dioceses and parishes, adult faith formation groups, and retreat center marriage preparation programs. Transformed in Love responds to the pastoral challenges brought about by current cultural attitudes toward marriage and family life. This program helps couples build strong foundations for a lasting union by:


  • Reconnecting (or connecting) them with the Catholic faith
  • Clarifying the nature and sacramental grace of marriage
  • Offering practical skills for living out marriage vows
  • Providing the witness of faith-filled married couples

    The program offers a comprehensive and practical approach to marriage preparation by integrating human and faith formation, sexuality and dimensions of everyday living such as household responsibilities, work, raising children, holiday celebrations, and finances.

    The program incorporates a variety of teaching methods: witness presentations, new media, teaching modules, group and individual exercises, and mentoring, all of which offer couples the tools they need to build life-long, life-giving and faith-filled marriages.

    Covered topics include:


  • Self-knowledge
  • Communication-building skills
  • Marital expectations
  • Four types of love essential to the marriage
  • Marriage's sacramental meaning, marriage vows, and the Rite of Marriage
  • Financial assessment and planning
  • Spiritual practices for marriage and family life
  • The significance of the Mass
  • Marital sexuality, including principles from Theology of the Body and a consideration on fertility and infertility
  • How to make marriage last a lifetime through guarding, revealing, and communicating love

    Check out the

    Transformed in Love

    website for short videos, downloadable resources, and sample pages.

    Features & Benefits:


  • Credible - Meets the expectations of various church leaders, lay volunteers, and engaged couples! Over 40 highly qualified individuals contributed to the development of Transformed in Love: a bishop and judicial vicar as well as canon lawyers, theologians, psychologists, priests, deacons, religious sisters and married couples.
  • Practical - Provides couples with an understanding of the sacramental nature of marriage, practical communication and relationship skills.
  • Contemporary - Helps couples build a loving marriage amid today's cultural attitudes toward marriage and family life.
  • Easy-to-use - No training required! Transformed in Love is a comprehensive "teach-out-of-the-box" program that provides team leaders with step-by-step instructions and electronic visuals for running the program
  • Flexible - Offers a variety of teaching formats: two, four, or six session options, or a single weekend retreat
  • Pastoral - Addresses "hard topics" with pastoral sensitivity and solid catechesis.
  • Faith-filled - Assists couples to have marriages that last and will be a witness to the Gospel and life of faith.
  • Life-giving - Connects both team members and engaged couples with the faith and strengthens their relationship with the Church.
  • Catholic - Reviews Catholic teaching on marriage along with the main themes of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Pastoral letter, Marriage, Love and Life in the Divine Plan.
  • Transformed in Love is a great tool for the New Evangelization of the next generation of marriages and families.
  • Holistic - Uses an approach to teaching marriage preparation that integrates human and spiritual formation: body, soul, intellect, and will.

    What Are People Saying about this Title?

    "This program was a great experience for the both of us, and we find that we have continued to utilize a lot of the tools we were given in our newly married life including ongoing discussion of each others' expectations and collaboration on household maintenance and financial responsibilities. Our biggest takeaways were provided to us by the older married couples who shared their own relationship challenges and who had several years of wisdom and experience to share. They showed us how we should always strive to communicate with each other in a way that is loving and respectful, even if there are issues that can't be resolved easily in a few discussions. This program, we feel, was the most honest approach in providing engaged couples to have the necessary guidance, with the help and grace of God, to develop a lifetime plan for loving communication and problem solving for years to come."
    Julie and Thomas, married 6 months

    "We felt that the Transformed in Love marriage preparation program was a great experience. The sessions taught us a lot about ourselves, each other, our faith, and our relationship by bringing up topics we may not have otherwise thought about or discussed. We enjoyed being able to discuss topics on our own while also having married couples to give input and advice. We would recommend this to program to any engaged couple."
    Leanne and Daniel, engaged

    "Transformed in Love far exceeded our expectations. It helped us to understand ourselves and each other better, to communicate better, and to anticipate issues we will have to face in our marriage. It did all this in a deeply faith-filled way that clarified the meaning of marriage as a sacrament. We would recommend Transformed in Love without hesitation to all engaged couples."
    Michael and Carmen, engaged

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    Binding: paperback
    Trim size: 8½" x 11"
    Pages: 192

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