Works of Mercy Explained
Works of Mercy Explained

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Vecchini, Silvia 

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The corporal and spiritual works of mercy explained for kids in a language they can understand!

About this Book:

This illustrated guide explains the corporal and spiritual works of mercy to children ages 8-12. Using examples from scripture, saints, and people of today, including Pope Francis, each section shows children how to practice the various works of mercy. While learning the meaning behind each act of mercy, they will be inspired to develop a spirit of mercy toward family, friends, parish, and the wider community. Concrete examples of mercy in action and questions for individual reflection and group discussion allow children to see how they can help develop new paths for mercy or enrich those that already exist in their world. This third volume in the Explained series is the perfect companion for children during the Extraordinary Year of Mercy and beyond.

Features & Benefits:

  • Includes notebook sections for reflection
  • Colorful text and illustrations provide a positive learning experience.
  • Includes individual reflection and group discussion questions
  • Ideal for ages 8-12
  • Part of The Creed Explained and The 10 Commandments Explained series

    About the Author:

    Silvia Vecchini was born in 1975 in Saint Francis's province-Perugia, Italy-and holds a degree in modern literature from the Theological Institute of Assisi. She is the author of numerous books for children as well as a number of volumes of scholarly and educational material. Along with her husband, Antonio Vincenti, Silvia founded the Sycamore Group, which promotes the work of children and adolescent authors and illustrators and focuses on catechetical story-telling. The Creed Explained and The Ten Commandments Explained are her two bestselling titles with Pauline Books & Media.

    What Are People Saying about this Title?

    Every child needs this book! The Works of Mercy come to life for children of all ages with activities, explanations, and examples that even adults can learn from!
    - Nicole Lataif, award-winning author of I Forgive You: Love We Can Hear, Ask For and Give.

    A treasury of information about why the works of mercy are important and how to live them day by day.
    - Sr. Anne Eileen Heffernan, author of Bible for Young Catholics

    What Are People Saying about this Title?

    "This series by Silvia Vecchini is a valuable catechetical aid for parents and teachers, and a smart, approachable resource for young people to help them not only know, but understand and live our Catholic faith. In The Creed Explained, The Ten Commandments Explained, and Works of Mercy Explained, Vecchini skillfully weaves together a rich, yet focused treasury of Scripture and Tradition, wisdom from the popes and the saints, Church documents, the prayers of the Mass, Church history, and more to thoroughly explain and celebrate the fundamentals of our faith. Each book also includes reflection questions, prayers, Scripture meditations, and action points to help young people open themselves up to experiencing the authentic joy and freedom that comes from a living relationship with Christ. Parents, teachers, and youth ministers can benefit from the style and approach of this series, which is a perfect springboard for group discussions, activities, service projects, and guided prayer experiences. A true celebration of faith, these books are a solid addition to home, classroom and parish libraries."
    -Amanda Detry

    Product Details:

    Binding: Softcover
    Trim size: 5½ x 8½ inches
    Pages: 64

    See all three:

    The 10 Commandments Explained
    The Works of Mercy Explained
    The Creed Explained


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