I Pray the Mass
I Pray the Mass

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Jablonski FSP, Patricia Edward 

Pauline Books & Media 



Releasing October 15, 2018. Available now for pre-order.

Help children ages 6 to 8 follow along with the Mass

About this Book:

The Mass can be a confusing ritual for children if they aren't familiar with the customs of the Eucharistic celebration. This beautifully illustrated book helps children ages 6 to 8 follow the Mass with pictures, simple explanations, and prayers. Each part of the Mass is presented in easy-to-understand ways with complementary illustrations and short prayers perfect for kids new to learning about this Catholic sacrament.

Kids will understand one of the most important Catholic obligations in a friendly and hands-on way. Intended to be used during Mass, this book helps translate everything from the procession to the final blessing into a perspective kids will be able to grasp. The text is ideal for emerging and hesitant readers. Accompanied by bright illustrations, this book will delight children who need a helpful aid or want to be engaged in every aspect of their faith.

Features & Benefits:

  • introduces Mass vocabulary
  • accurate and engaging visuals provide context for Mass practices
  • helps children ages 6 to 8 follow along with the Mass
  • perfect size for small hands, Mass bags, or Christmas stockings
  • reading level is for kids ages 6 to 8 in kindergarten through third grade
  • simple text reinforced by illustrations for emerging readers

Product Details:

Binding: Softcover
Trim size: 5½ x 7? inches
Pages: 40

Katherine says...
This sweet book is a perfect companion for preschoolers and early elementary aged kids who are really learning more about prayer and the Mass. The book has cute illustrations, kid friendly explanations, and prayers. The illustrations are colorful and feature kids in various environments as they pray. The kiddos represent many different ethnicities as well as kids of varied physical abilities, which I think is a good way for the readers to both see themselves as well as the universality of the Church. The book is broken up to have a child friendly explanation on the left page and then a short companion prayer on the right. This format would make it easy to read any amount of the book in any particular order as you are looking to highlight a particular kind of prayer or part of the Mass. Pauline Books & Media provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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