Jesus for Kids/ Jesús para Niños DVD
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Jesus for Kids/ Jesús para Niños DVD
Jesus for Kids/ Jesús para Niños DVD

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What Are People Saying about this DVD?

"This is an excellent Christian resource for young children. You won't get much better in terms of Biblical accuracy. The five segments lend themselves very well to children's attention spans. BEAUTIFULLY DONE! I've been teaching for ten years, and finding biblically sound DVDs is difficult. This is truly the very best for primary kids, or even older! Christians of all denominations will find this helpful and enjoyable. The kids just love it, as do the parents."
R. Erickson (Amazon customer review)

"I purchased this video from the bookstore housed within my local Catholic parish. I was looking for a DVD for my four-year old that would accurately reflect the Scriptures it was designed to depict, yet would be organized into 10-15 minute segments that would hold my young son's attention. This video accomplished all that and more. We often watch this DVD together as a family before his bedtime because watching it tends to calm him down and prompts him to ask very insightful questions about Jesus and the Bible. We think it is a beautiful way to end the day."
Ansley Edina, Minneapolis, MN (Amazon customer review)

For children 4 to 6 years old
Includes English and Spanish language tracks.

Sobre este DVD:

Se puede usar esta serie de cinco partes para introducir a hijos y nietos a Jesús. Si son padres de familia o abuelos, se han dado cuenta de la capacidad maravillosa de los niños chiquitos de aprender muy rápido. Por eso, háganles conocer lo más pronto posible la vida más grande que ha existido, las palabras más grandes que se han pronunciado, la esperanza más brillante que ha recibido la humanidad. Las encantadoras historias animadas de Jesús están basadas directamente en los Evangelios.

Partes: La Primera Navidad, Jesús el Narrador de Cuentos, Jesús Milagroso, Jesús el que Sana, y La Primera Pascua.

Para niños de 4-6 años de edad
Incluye audio en inglés y en español

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