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About this Book:

This beautiful children's Bible is packed with sixty-two of the best-loved stories of the Old and New Testaments. Full-color illustrations on every page, unique catechetical sidebars, and age-appropriate language a special section make it the perfect gift for young Catholics. Includes a "My Prayers" section of traditional Catholic prayers and The Rosary (including the Luminous Mysteries).

Read a Bible story with your children every night – create a warm and lasting family tradition! Comprehensive and easy-to-read for children ages 6 – 8; an ideal First Communion gift.

Ages 6 – 8

Product Details:

Binding: Hardcover
Category: Children/Spirituality
Trim size: 8 3/8" x 9 1/4"
Pages: 232


Jacqueline Yoshinari says...
As a catechist I have a shelf full of Bible story books, and this one is my very favorite for the younger grades. Its also great for older children to read to younger siblings. I wish this book had been available when my own children were little! Its well worth the price for Catholic families, because it integrates Catholic teaching very well. It eliminates the need for cheaper books with cartoonish illustrations, which children quickly outgrow. Augusta Currelis illustrations are child-friendly and also artistic. There is a color illustration on every page. After a two page introduction, "God Speaks to Us", which explains how the Bible is "Gods way of letting us know his loving plan for us", The author (Melissa Wright) tells the main stories of the Old and New Testaments, narrating Salvation History from creation to Pentecost. Then there is a four page story about Saint Paul, and a two page spread about the second coming of Christ, referencing Revelation 22, and ending with the words "Come Lord Jesus". Supplementary material at the end is a section on basic Catholic prayers, including all 20 mysterise of the rosary. The last Old Testament story told is about Judas Maccabeus (a rarity even in Bible story books for Catholics), which includes a sidebar connecting the story with the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. Bravo! Like many Bible story books for younger children, this one eliminates the episode of Abrahams near-sacrifice of Isaac, going directly from "Abraham and Sarah" to "Jacob and Esau". But it offers an excellent, detailed narrative about Jacob, Joseph and Moses (51 pages in all). In the New Testament section, there are several helpful sidebars (set off by a blue background) giving a doctrinal explanation of a storys meaning, making the book particularly "Catholic friendly". My only quibble, albeit a small one, with the illustrations is that in the Magi are shown coming to the stable in Bethlehem, rather than to a house, which Matthew 2:11 indicates. If this book ever has a new edition, I would suggest replacing the cover picture of Noahs Ark (a cliché for this genre) with the lovely watercolors Augusta Curreli did for the endpapers.
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