Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Comic Book
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Comic Book

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Richards FSP, Virginia Helen 

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Read the courageous story of the first Native American saint - in a comic book!

About this Book:

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha's story is brought to life in this comic book rendition of the first Native American saint. Young readers ages 4 – 8 will be fascinated by Saint Kateri's physical journey of survival and inspired by her spiritual journey to Christ.

Saint Kateri was born "Ioragode" in 1656 to a Mohawk chief and his Christian Algonquin wife. The family lived peacefully in their village. Ioragode's mother taught her about God, her words planting seeds of hope in her daughter's heart. When the deadly European disease of smallpox swept through the village, Ioragode's mother, father, and baby brother perished from the illness. Only Ioragode survived, so her uncle and two aunts took care of her. They renamed her Tekakwitha. Tekakwitha felt a burning desire to become closer to God and soon befriended one of the priests in the village, Fr. de Lamberville. When she expressed her desire to be baptized, he advised and taught her. Tekakwitha adopted the name Kateri.

Kateri met challenges in her village, but she found strength in God to continue doing his work, despite the gossip and criticism she met. Her kindness and humble, working spirit changed the hearts of many in her village. When she fell terribly ill at the age of 24, all the members of her village were saddened. On the Wednesday before Easter of that year, she went to be with the Lord. Saint Kateri, with her forgiving heart and gentle spirit, continues to be a guide and inspiration for children all over the world.

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for ages 4 – 8
  • Comic book style is easy and fun to read
  • Charming illustrations
  • Footnotes offer present-day context and definitions for young readers
  • Offers a short yet poignant introduction to Native American culture

About the Authors:

Sr. Virginia Richards was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1955, but was raised in California. She drew pictures and cartoons ceaselessly through childhood years and entered the Daughters of St. Paul in 1970. She has done cartoon animation, handmade greeting cards, children's illustrating, and children's studies, and currently works at the community's art studio in Boston, Massachusetts. D. Thomas Halpin, FSP, a member of the Daughters of St. Paul for thirty-five years, currently resides and works in Boston as an author and illustrator for Pauline Books & Media. Over the years she has co-authored countless children's books, including many of Pauline Books & Media's perennially best-selling coloring and activity books.

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Product Details:

Binding: Booklet
Trim size: 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
Pages: 32

Keywords: graphic novel, First Nations, Algonquin, Mohawk, Lily of the Mohawk, Mohawk Maiden, Indian, Blessed

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