St. Clare of Assisi
St. Clare of Assisi

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Enjoy the amazing story of Clare of Assisi, vibrantly illustrated in this Shoujo-Manga style graphic novel!

About this Book:

Saint Clare had everything a young girl could want: wealth, a loving family, and her faith. Her father desired the best for her and planned that she would marry according to the family's position in society. Not only was the suitor her father chose for her handsome, he was also of noble birth. Clare wanted to please her family; but she had heard St. Francis speak of the love of Jesus. Her heart longed to share in the poverty of Christ, live among the poor and serve them in her daily life just like Francis, but she could not do that as the wife of a nobleman. In this book you'll discover how Clare ran away from the only life she knew to start a radical new adventure in holiness for women, following Francis in his love of the poor Christ. The Order she founded is known today as the Poor Clares. Vibrantly illustrated Shoujo-Manga style graphic novel tells this amazing story for children ages 9 to 12.

Features & Benefits:

  • Shoujo-Manga style graphic novel for kids ages 9 to 12
  • Joins other graphic novels in Pauline Books and Media's series
  • Engages the "reluctant reader"
  • Provides a historical biography with a strong female role model
  • Shows the beginnings of the Franciscan spirituality
  • Introduces kids to St. Francis and the Poor Clares
  • Exposes young people to the religious life

Product Details:

Binding: Paperback
Trim size: 6 X 8 inches
Pages: 200

Keywords: Chiara Offreduccio, Poor Clares, Patroness of television, cloistered nuns, cloistered life, Clair of Assisi, St. Clair, Santa Clara, patron of television, patroness of eye disease, patroness of goldsmiths, patroness of laundry

Katie says...
Pauline Media provided me with a copy of The Legend of Saint Christopher and Saint Clare of Assisi in exchange for an honest review. Graphic novels are a hot classroom commodity right now, and for good reason. Vivid illustrations combined with high impact text and dialogue create a page-turner that is perfect for matching reluctant readers with non-fiction text. Pauline Media recognized this need and has a whole new line of graphic novels about Saints, including St. Christopher, St. Clare, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Philip Neri, and more. Ive had these in my classroom for about six weeks now, and they have been a huge hit. So popular in fact, these books havent even made it on the shelf in our Faith Corner yet- they literally are passed from one student to the next as they finish. It is a perfect book to tuck in their desks and read a little at a time- the style of a graphic novel makes it easy to immerse themselves back into the story quickly. I was impressed by the depth that is covered about the lives of these Saints. Besides just being a biography, these books are exposing my students to virtues, decision making, religious life, martyrdom, a good role models. Even though they each have an obvious male or female lead character, that isnt stopping boys and girls from both reading them. Of their own accord, I think just as many of the boys in my room have read about St. Clare as St. Christopher. The style, action, and pacing is attractive and keeps them reading. These books have been a great addition for my classroom, and I will definitely be adding more to our collection. I think that they would best fit 3rd-6th graders, but could also be a great help for older students when reading is not a strength. Now, I just have to decide what story to order next. Mother Teresa of Kolkata? St. Teresa of Avila? I think Ill poll my students :).
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