St. Francis of Assisi: Messenger of Peace
St. Francis of Assisi: Messenger of Peace

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Using historical records and beautiful artwork, this full-color graphic novel for children ages 8 – 10 tells the exciting life story of Saint Francis of Assisi.

About this Book:

In the year 1181, in the Italian city of Assisi, a rich merchant and his wife give birth to a son, Francis. Francis grows up living a carefree life of luxury and extravagance, much to his parents' dismay. When war breaks out between the cities of Assisi and Perugia, Francis-enchanted by his dreams of knighthood, longing for chivalrous adventure, and quest for military glory-eagerly joins the fight. But when Francis is taken prisoner and becomes very sick, something inside him begins to stir...

What causes Francis to rethink his ways? Is this military path the one he is supposed to follow? Or is he supposed to deliver a message other than war?

Features & Benefits:

  • Presents content in graphic novel format
  • Introduces the faith in an appealing way
  • Provides historical context
  • Includes the Canticle of the Sun and the Prayer for Peace
  • Promotes messages of peace and justice

About the Author:

Toni Matas is a children's author and publisher based in Barcelona, Spain. He has more than twenty years of experience in writing books, graphic novels, movies, and video games for children. Over the last eight years, Toni has collaborated with the illustrator, Picanyol, on a number of children's books. He is a father of three.

About the Illustrator:

Picanyol has over forty years of experience in creating comics and games for children. His illustrations have been published in children's magazines and books and have been featured on CD-ROMs, DVDs, and apps. He has created some of the most famous cartoon characters in Spain. Over the past eight years, Picanyol has been illustrating books and graphic novels written by his friend, Toni Matas. Picanyol is a father of five and currently lives in Moja, Spain.

Product Details:

Binding: softcover
Category: Saints / Children / Intermediate
Trim size: 8¼" x 10¾"
Pages: 80

Keywords: Franciscans

Katherine Bogner says...
Pauline Books & Medias graphic novels remain the most passed around books in my classroom- They pass from kid to kid, rarely making it back on the shelf! These books are shorter in length but with larger pages and more traditional comic book style illustrations. I like that they are a quick introduction to the most important aspects of that Saints life. They are great for my students to read in small snippets throughout the day, and are enjoyed by all my students, but sometimes most especially by my lower or reluctant readers. Im glad to have these as a resource to share with them these inspiring and strong heroes of the faith.
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