St. Joan of Arc
St. Joan of Arc

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About this Book:

The year was 1429, and the Hundred Years' War was raging. The Dauphin, the rightful king of France, had been denied his rightful throne, his hereditary lands torn from him. His enemies schemed to crown the English king as monarch of both England and France. Only a few French strongholds remained loyal. Hope was trickling away . . .

But outside the besieged town of Orleans, a seventeen-year-old girl from Domrémy, her white and gold banner flying, would lead the French army to an improbable victory over their English oppressors. "What God commands must be right," she declared.

Who was this astonishing young woman? How did she accomplish the feats that military experts called impossible? And what would become of her-and of her heroic quest for peace?

Great for children ages 8 – 10.

About the Author:

Born at Liège, Dominique Bar studied the humanities at Saint Luke in Liège. Besides writing for various magazines, he has published several books. These include works on various saints including Saint Paul, the life of Pope John Paul II, and Marian apparitions.

About the Illustrator:

Brunor Bar sold his first drawing at the age of fifteen. Since then, the passion for drawing never left him. When he was twenty, he started, with two other comics fans, the magazine "The PLG Enthusiast," well known to its readers.

Product Details:

Binding: Softcover
Category: Saints / Children / Intermediate
Trim size: 8 ½ x 10 ¾ inches
Pages: 56

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Katherine Bogner says...
Pauline Books & Medias graphic novels remain the most passed around books in my classroom- They pass from kid to kid, rarely making it back on the shelf! These books are shorter in length but with larger pages and more traditional comic book style illustrations. I like that they are a quick introduction to the most important aspects of that Saints life. They are great for my students to read in small snippets throughout the day, and are enjoyed by all my students, but sometimes most especially by my lower or reluctant readers. Im glad to have these as a resource to share with them these inspiring and strong heroes of the faith.
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