Your Love Carries Me CD
Your Love Carries Me CD

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Daughters of St. Paul Choir,  

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About this CD:

Allow yourself to experience, in the music and lyrics of the newest CD from the Daughters of St. Paul Choir, the reassurance that God is always with you. Your Love Carries Me: Songs of Strength is a beautifully-arranged collection of 11 inspiring songs to encourage you to see, through life's dark moments, the new light of a better day. Every song is a reminder that God's love carries you.

About the Artist:

Pauline Music, a division of Pauline Books & Media, has sold over one million CDs and cassettes since the Daughters of St. Paul Choir began recording in 1988. The Religious Sisters of the choir strive to touch the hearts of listeners with their music, inspiring in them a thirst for the true, good, and beautiful. Through music's universal language, Pauline Music seeks to create a spiritual sanctuary of peace, hope, and joy, wherein people can connect more profoundly with God, who is love. The Daughters of St. Paul have won numerous awards over the years and perform nationwide during their annual Christmas concert tour.

Keywords: hope, strength, comfort, singing nuns, courage,

Claire Wholley says...
I am just now ordering several more copies of Your Love Carries Me, because I want to share it with young people and with seasoned people. Everyone ought to know the vibrant, uplift and energy of the songs and music in this rich collection. We all know that often when we acquire other albums there are usually some good pieces, and the rest are fillers... Not so in this album!! Every piece is stunningly orchestrated, with lyrics that bear you away on "wings of His grace." Every time I put it on, I stop what I am doing and listen intently to each piece, dancing and singing along! I am grateful to God for this collection, and intend to share it liberally, for the messages are divinely enthusiastic. God Bless the Daughters of St. Paul for sharing their songs of strength, faith, joy, and power.

Janis Wagner says...

Nechia says...
I am the most happiest person to know that The Daughters of St. Paul released their new CD. It is so beautiful to listen to and their voices are such an inspiration to me. I look forward to hearing more from them soonest. God Bless You Daughters Of St. Paul.
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