This Lent discover anew the imitation of Christ
This Lent discover anew the imitation of Christ

This Lent discover anew the imitation of Christ

Author: Administrator Account/Tuesday, February 21, 2017/Categories: Look Inside Great Catholic Books

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Pauline Books and Media's beautiful bound edition of The Imitation of Christ is back in print!

With the exception of the Bible, it is perhaps the most widely read spiritual book in the world. It was first published anonymously in 1418 and consists of a series of counsels of perfection that are as relevant today as they were when it was written. 

It is The Imitation of Christ, and every Catholic should own a well-thumbed and much-consulted copy! 

When its author, Thomas a Kempis, was a boy, he attended a school operated by the Brethren of the Common Life. He was so impressed with their spiritual ideals they he joined them when he finished his schooling; he lived the rest of his life in one of their communities. Although he carried out whatever tasks were assigned to him, Thomas preferred to devote his time to reflection, prayer, reading, training new brothers, and copying manuscripts. He copied the entire Bible four times! 

The Imitation of Christ, also sometimes called the “Following of Christ,” was meant to instruct the soul in Christian perfection, with Christ as the divine model. 

The book consists of a series of counsels, written in Latin in a familiar—and even colloquial—style. 

It’s divided into four parts:

  1. Useful admonitions for a spiritual life
  2. Admonitions concerning spiritual things
  3. Of interior consolation
  4.  Of the Blessed Sacrament

Make this the Lent that you open your heart to God through this spiritual classic and discover anew the imitation of Christ!

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