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How to be more patient with God's timetable

When I take one step toward the Lord, he takes two steps toward me, infallibly."  

When I read the history of the Chosen People in the Scriptures, I am reminded that God is in no hurry. He respects our slowness to understand and our difficulty in turning our wills to him and him alone. Over many centuries and through many generations he prepared the way for the coming of his Son into the world.

It might seem that in our own life we ourselves are waiting centuries and generations for God to act, to come through, or to vindicate an injustice. When I have felt that everything is going wrong or that, at least, nothing is going my way, I have learned a secret: I ask God what's going on. I look for clues as to what God might be doing in the midst of a messy situation. I make an act of faith that God is at work even though I can't see it. And, when I am especially courageous, I surrender to his love for me even though I can't always feel it.

When I take one step toward the Lord, he takes two steps toward me, infallibly. I begin to see miracles...not miracles that would make everyone "live happily ever after." No. There are quiet miracles of healing, of repentance, of a change of heart, of reaching out to others, of someone being in the right place at the right time specifically because of the messy situation. I notice that I change. That I rediscover joy. That I find peace of heart even if the situation itself can't immediately be rectified. Or maybe I make a new friend because of the problem. I have discovered that God is full of surprises. 

I share with you some of my favorite authors who have taught me this secret: 

Inner Peace: Wisdom from Jean-Pierre de Caussade. The great secret I learned when I was in my twenties from Jean-Pierre de Caussade was the secret of abandonment to divine providence. In everything God works for our good, we have only to allow him to work on our behalf in whatever happens. This book has guided me throughout my life and I am ever so grateful I discovered it.

Courage in Chaos. Wisdom from Francis de Sales. St. Francis de Sales was a saint I discovered recently. He believed in the holiness of the laity, and to that end he taught a spirituality that was grounded in the very real situations of daily life. He guides the reader to patience in this chaotic world. This book is a best-seller.

Cherished by the Lord: 100 Meditations. Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP. Sometimes we need help reconnecting with God's love for us and the deeper meaning of our life. These short meditations rooted in Scripture address the many struggles of your daily life and help you to find the thread of God's love running through everything. You can utterly rely on God's love for you!

Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes, fsp


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