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Nicole Lataif
About I Forgive You

Forgiving is one of the most difficult things to do,
even for the most faithful Christians.

How can we teach young children to embrace and
share the healing power of forgiveness?

Give a child in your life the gift of forgiveness!

Award-winning author, Nicole Lataif, and whimsical illustrator, Katy Betz, bring kids I Forgive You: Love We Can Hear, Ask For and Give published by Pauline Books and Media.

Forgiving is one of the most difficult things to do, even for the most faithful Christians. How can we teach young children to embrace and share the healing power of forgiveness? I Forgive You helps children choose forgiveness by encouraging them to be ready to hear, ask for, and say, “I forgive you.”

I Forgive You uses kid-friendly text and images to communicate the most difficult concepts of forgiveness, such as grace, anger, contrition, redemption, and reconciliation. I Forgive You brings forgiveness to life, using vivid analogies that offer concrete and clear actions for kids to take.

Children will also learn that forgiveness does not require that we accept abusive behavior or sustain unhealthy relationships. In these cases, children are encouraged to walk away, pray, and forgive from afar.

This book was created to help you introduce the importance of forgiveness at an early age, open a conversation with the children in your life about forgiveness, and encourage a merciful spirit. The children’s forgiveness prayer at the end of the book offers an example of how kids might express their feelings to God.

We all need to ask for and grant forgiveness. God and others forgive us, and in turn, we need to forgive others and sometimes, ourselves. The most difficult three words to say may be, “I forgive you,” yet they are the most important to maintaining good relationships and inner peace. Choosing forgiveness is one of the keys to the love, joy and peace our faith in Jesus offers us—even for young children!

“Wherever you go, in all that you do, make forgiveness part of you!”

What Kids Will Learn from I Forgive You

I Forgive You teaches children that:

  • we do a lot of things right, but when we don’t, God forgives us every time;
  • we are called to forgive others as God forgives us;
  • forgiveness is a process that may take time and include consequences;
  • true friendship has forgiveness;
  • holding grudges and feeding anger hurts us most;
  • choosing forgiveness brings us peace.

About Forever You

Awaken young children to the joy and mystery of being human!

“Your soul is in all you are and do, soul and body-forever you!”

Starting at an early age, kids are curious about their existence as human beings. At the primary stage, they wonder about where they came from, who they are as individuals, and how they fit into this world. As adults, it is often difficult to find the right words to explain these complex ideas to them in a way that they can relate to. And in this critical period of individual identity formation, finding those ‘right words’ is all the more essential.

At the most basic level, this resource for Christian faith formation introduces children ages 4-8 to what being human is all about. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or catechist, you will find this resource to be helpful in explaining the concept of a “soul” to your children. Simply structured sentences, engaging text, relatable analogies grounded in nature and creation, and whimsical illustrations invite children to understand and embrace the whole human person.

What kids will learn from FOREVER YOU
When your child reads Forever You, he or she will learn about the soul's:


  • Presence in their every moment, action, and emotion
  •  Spiritual nature Link to their body and physical experiences 
  • Substance and origin as a gift to them from God 
  •  Commonality to all of humanity, but also its individual uniqueness
  • Sacredness, with gentle allusions to John Paul II's Theology of the Body 
  • Service-directed purpose through loving and helping their neighbors 
  • Call to eternal life in heaven, without explicitly referencing death

Books by Nicole Lataif
Meet Nicole Lataif

Award-winning author and speaker Nicole Lataif is the founder and editor of Her first book, Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body, won a 2013 Christopher Award. Forever You, published by Pauline Books & Media is also available in Spanish as Siempre Tu: Un libro sobre tu alma y tu cuerpo. Her second book, I Forgive You: Love We Can Hear, Ask For and Give won both a 2015 Christopher and Association of Catholic Publishers Award.

Nicole is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She speaks around the country to both children and adults on faith-based topics. Nicole leads a writing group in Boston, Massachusetts and lives with her loving husband in the heart of the city.


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